Government Corruption

Noble: In Both Name and Blood

Zachery Noble

Zachary Noble is a whistleblower, an advocate for truth and justice within the workspace, and has been fighting for the rights of their fellow peers; in his father’s case, David Noble, for nearly 30 years. Although it is not his fight, Zachary Noble does not hesitate to support his father in his mission, going as far as pitching the man’s whistleblower case at the Hollywood Pitch Lab in developing a docu-series that reflects the misdeeds and inadequacies of the U.S. court system. He also reached out to Whistleblowers of America in hopes that they could provide social media engagement for their plight.

Once referred to as “Brother Noble,” David was once revered positively by his peers at the National Association of Letter Carriers. He worked as an assistant to the late Vincent Raymond Sombrotto. All was well until 1993 to 1994 when he discovered a terrible secret; the union officers of NALC were using secret expense accounts and fringe benefits by drawing money out of the union members themselves, unbeknownst to any of them.

Over the seven years before this, they had accumulated nearly a million dollars in income. In retaliation to this misconduct, David Noble sued the union officers, Sombrotto included, and was shortly fired, followed by having his story covered and eschewed by the masses. However, this never stopped the man from doing what he believed was right. Even as of now, after his lawsuit being dismissed multiple times, David Noble still stands and runs for national office with the unwavering support of his son.

1994 report on corruption in NALC Featuring David Noble.