September 7-8th

What is the conference about?

This conference is a two-day event that focuses on spreading awareness and networking within the safe workspace & whistleblowing community. We have a variety of high-profile attorneys, social workers, and congressional guest speakers who are spearheading the movement, as well as whistleblowers. 

600 14th St NW Suite 600 

Washington, DC 20005

Join us in 2023 in Washington D.C. or by live-stream and continue to invest in our vision of a safe place to work. We believe that culture change happens when energized personnel – across organizations, communities, and governments make healthy and informed decisions in the workplace.

The WPI conference offers the core 10 hour curriculum for Whistleblower Protection Advocate (WPA) Certification issued by Workplace Promise Institute (WPI). The Workplace Promise Institute is the education center for Whistleblowers of America.


Catherine Mattice

Workplace Bullying Expert MA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Ekta Srinivasa

Founder at Improving Healthcare Culture Inc.

Richard Brookshire

Co-Founder and CEO of the Black Veterans Project

Dorothy Suskind

Assistant Professor of Education at Longwood University

John Kirlakou

Radio Talk Show Host

Heidi Weber

Host of The Whistleblower Revolution

Andrew Samuels

Chief Executive Officer at WislPort

Christian Greene

Clinical social worker

Cleveland Lawrence III

Partner; Co-Chair, Whistleblower Rights Practice Group at Mehri & Skalet, PLLC

Tom Devine

Legal director at Government Accountability Project

Shanna Devine

Director, Office of the Whistleblower Ombuds

Richard E. Condit

Partner at Mehri & Skalet, PLLC

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WPI attendees are on the cutting edge of continuous process improvement and employee engagement. They lead strong organizations that are equipped to exchange ideas, share tools, embrace diversity, and inform solutions that build restorative social justice within the fabric of their workplace communities and cultures.

Call for Presentations

We are currently looking for presenters for our upcoming 2023 conference on September 7-8th. Please click the link below if you want to present. 

Experts in their field will cover the four core elements to be a Whistleblower Protection Advocate.

If you have questions please email us at info@whistleblowersofamerica.org

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This outline should display a course breakdown with a timed schedule of the day's event(s). It must include individual course segments, guided discussion, and activities, where applicable.

Resources for further study:

This workshop is geared to the clinician at the following levels:


List specific, clear and concise learning objectives and/or outcomes for the course that are both behavioral and measurable. 

(Course learning objectives need to be measurable and/or observable. They should state what a participant will be able to demonstrate immediately after attending the course. To "understand" or "have familiarity with" something is not measurable or observable. Verbs like "describe, name, explain, define, recall, list, restate, role-play, summarize, and write" are the most common used to describe what the attendee will actually be able to demonstrate after attending the training.)


Workshops and In-Person Trainings Do Not Require a Quiz

Please upload your multiple choice quiz in a Word document. A minimum of 6 questions per hour of presentation time is required, with 5 choices for each question and only 1 possible correct answer. Please Bold your correct answer within the Word document.


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Past Conferences

Click the link below to view highlights and speakers from our first annual virtual conference