WPI Giraffe Award recipients are employees who have stuck their necks out to report malpractices, fraud, waste, abuse, mismanagement, etc. Those who bravely act to improve the integrity of the respective agency or beyond. Often in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles or challenges while facing criticism and anger. Categories for the nominee's contributions are Government/Military, Private sector/Industry, Academia, COVID-19, and Supporter/Ally. There is no time frame that the nominees' contributions must be within, so take a moment to recognize someone special because courage comes in all colors and spots!

If you think you know someone deserving of a Giraffe Award, nominate them now!

Why a Giraffe?

They act as sentinels for other animals due to their height and ability to see danger from far away. When giraffes start running away, other animals follow suit. An excellent mascot for whistleblowers!

*A herd of giraffes is called a tower.*

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