Whistleblowers Protection
Advocate Certification

You will learn peer support skills, leadership development, and resilience to manage workplace conflict/abuse. Also, learn to mediate between employees and employers to resolve issues without the need for litigation.

Table of Contents

The Whistleblowers Protection Advocate certification “recognizes the need to rebalance access to justice and share information among employees who relate wrongdoing but suffer from retaliation and its psychosocial effects.”

Like Crime Victim Advocates or Ombuds, WPAs will support whistleblowers in decision-making, problem-solving, coping strategies, and resiliency. For example, WPAs could work with unions, law firms, journalists, elected officials, mental health centers, and/or employers.


Be able to manage and respond to workplace conflict/abuse using peer support skills, leadership development, resilience. Able to mediate between employees and employers to resolve issues without the need for litigation. Gain Ethics CEUs for completing the class. This is used for professionals in the social services career field.

Whistleblower Protection Advocate (WPA) Education and Training Requirements

10 Hour Minimum

Application Process

You will complete your Whistleblower Protection Advocate (WPA) application by uploading several documents via Whispli. Some of these documents need to be filled out and signed; some will certify your completion of specific requirements. Some must be supplied to you by other people.

If a document must be signed, we will accept a scan of the printed and signed copy or a digital signature.

Please prepare your documents for upload as follows:

Complete & Gather Documents

  • Complete and sign the WoA Code of Ethics

  • Complete and sign the Workplace Promise

  • Complete and sign the WPA Mentor Agreement and also gather, if you have chosen to authorize their use, your photo, and a one-paragraph biography

  • Complete a minimum of 10 hours of education and training listed on the WPA Certification: Education and Training List. Record your progress on the form itself.

  • Compile an up-to-date resume

  • Gather two letters of recommendation from people who can confirm your ability to advocate for and support individuals facing a challenge. Your recommenders should address their letters as follows: “Dear Whistleblower Protection Advocate Certification Committee:”

  • Write a cover letter to the committee explaining why you seek certification.

Whispli Application

Once you have gathered and completed these documents, click on the “Go to WPA Application on Whispli” button . You will be connected to the Whispli site, where you will set up a confidential account that will allow you to submit your application materials.

Please keep a record of your Whispli username because you will need it to revisit the site. Your Whispli username cannot be recovered if you forget it.

Other tips for using Whispli: All uploaded documents must be in a standard format (.doc or .pdf), virus-free, and cannot exceed 1GB in size.

If you need support when using Whispli, please send an e-mail describing your problem to info@whistleblowersofamerica.org.

Pay & Submit

After you finish the application, return to this page and pay your application fee via the “Pay Now” button. During our introductory period, the price is $100.00, reduced from the regular rate of $200.

Once your application has been submitted and your fee is paid, the members of our Certification Committee will review your documents. Any member who has a conflict of interest will recuse themself. During the process, a committee member will contact you directly to set up an interview.

Following your interview, the Certification Committee will convene for a vote on your application. If there are outstanding questions or concerns at that time, the Committee will reach out again to resolve the problem, if possible, or to explain your denial of certification. If you are approved meanwhile, your certificate will be issued.

Your information is entirely confidential.

Applications are seen only by WoA “Whistleblower Protection Advocate” Certification Committee members.

Our application platform is hosted securely by Whispli, a leader in privacy for whistleblowers. Whispli is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified.

You can start the application process at any time and return to complete it at your leisure.

However, you MUST remember your Whispli username to log in again. Make a note!