Carolyn L. Grawi, MSW, LCSW, LMSW, ACSW, ADAC

Executive Director CIL of Northwest Florida (CILNWF)

Carolyn L. Grawi

Carolyn Grawi is the team leader of the Center for Independent Living of Northwest Florida. She has a deep sense of commitment to our region’s nonprofit sector. She continuously works for the betterment of the community and has served nonprofits at all levels in program, fundraising, executive and leadership and has a breadth of perspective and experience. Since 1987, Carolyn has been engaged in and with the field of disability.

Carolyn has been associated with the CIL of Northwest Florida since 2018. Prior to the CILNWF, from 2004 – 2017, Carolyn served in a variety of roles Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living including Executive Director.

Notable highlights of Carolyn’s service and commitment include:

  • Ensuring financial stability and growing funding and private philanthropy

  • Significantly increasing the number of services provided to the community

  • Establishing and continually expanding disability awareness and education programs

  • Tirelessly working to increase access for individuals with disabilities to public education, public rights of way, transportation, and voting throughout States of Florida and Michigan

  • Carolyn has and continues to partner with numerous businesses, governments, healthcare organizations, schools, and universities to promote inclusion of people with disabilities in Florida, Michigan and across the country

Carolyn has over 30 years of executive planning, social work, teaching, administration, communications, and marketing experience in the nonprofit sector.

Carolyn provides leadership and supervision to diverse teams; is an advocate for civil rights; communities’ relationship building; casework to develop reasonable accommodations for consumers in employment and housing; department activities, training, presentations; provides educational consultations on accessibility and sensitivity to city governments, libraries, schools, transit providers, builders, and developers; recommended and implemented policies in conflict management, and other issues.