Heidi Weber

After a fifteen-year career as a dual board-certified medical assistant practitioner, working directly with physicians in five different specialties, Heidi Weber moved into teaching her skills in the college/university realm. She was soon honored as Faculty Member of the Year and quickly after promoted to Campus Program Chair. A year later, Corporate Network Program Dean of 1800 students across 25 campuses in several states for an extensive “For-Profit/Proprietary” school network. However, it wasn’t long after moving her family across two states that she soon started seeing several disturbing patterns at the corporate level that she had seen before, only now, at ALL campuses.

Heidi is credited as the first whistleblower in Higher Education to win a seven-day jury trial against a large “For-Profit” College/University chain.

Hers was a landmark case and started a chain of unfavorable, public court proceedings that ultimately closed the school’s doors at all campuses. Most recently, it resulted in the university being ordered to repay several thousand students.

Heidi has taken that experience to become a whistleblower advocate, activist, popular speaker, and media spokesperson for whistleblowers, appearing on CBS, CNN, AlJazeera America, and HBO Vice, as well as several publications and shows, such as Whistleblower Heroes, Whistleblower Network News, Whistleblower (with Mychal Wilson) and Women Whistleblowers to name just a few.

She is a compelling guest speaker and regularly speaks (as her schedule will allow) to several anti-fraud communities, universities, and business/government organizations. Heidi was asked and said in the halls of US Congress twice. She’s also been called to testify in court proceedings. Her story was the season one finale of CBS Whistleblower with (Fmr Judge) Alex Ferrer.

After her story aired, CBS executive producers hired her as an Associate Producer/Story Consultant for CBS Whistleblower Season 2. Finding and researching stories and cases introduced her to several history-making whistleblower attorneys who fight every day to give ordinary people a voice and other whistleblowers with their own unbelievable stories to share.

This led her (at the encouragement of CBS exec producers) to create and host a podcast,

The Whistleblower Revolution Podcast with Heidi Weber™, where she shares an inside look into a discussion with other whistleblowers, fraud and corruption fighters, journalists, and whistleblower attorneys with historical and unique real-life cases, available on the show’s website,