Mark D. Grissom, MPA, Private Investigator (PI)

Mark Grissom

As the founder of Cooperative Performance Science and Intelligence (CPSI); Mr. Grissom served roughly ten years in the U.S. Navy, served ten years in the private sector in highly federally regulated Management and Director positions, and served more than ten years in the federal service within the Department of Veterans Affairs in positions of Assistant Chief, Acting Chief and Administrative Officer. Mr. Grissom earned his Masters of Public Administration and Bachelors in Healthcare Management. Mr. Grissom was an active whistleblower in VA for ten years. Mr. Grissom’s reporting included agency wide corruption covering up thousands of negligent homicides and systemic use of wire and other frauds in a massive racketeering schema. Mr. Grissom reported major healthcare frauds, medical record frauds, falsification of federal records and a work environment subjecting victims and Whistleblowers to involuntary servitude loosing all Constitutional rights and protections. Mr. Grissom has exposed coordinated OGC, VA Leadership and MPSB complicity in the cover up of criminal activities and has brought the racketeering participants patterns of well coordinated obstructions in federal investigations and proceedings to multiple courts attention. Mr. Grissom continues to fight in the federal circuit court of appeals and beyond for the right of federal employees as U.S. Citizens to bring federal civil RICO complaints against VA Officials as U.S. Citizens acting outside official scope and discretion while participating in racketeering activities and subjecting victims to complex injuries caused by RICO criminal predicate acts to ensure victims are allowed due process and equal access to justice under the law as Constitutional Rights. Mr. Grissom has recently announced the offering of Private Investigation services for VA Whistleblowers and their attorneys to further establish patterns of racketeering and coordinate actions to bring accountability to VA where so many in positions of authority and oversight have failed.

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