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Patrick Barrett

Patrick Barrett is the Chief Securities Analyst and Qui Tam Investigator at Levin Papantonio Rafferty Securities and Business Litigation Department. He also is the President of Barrett’s Securities Consulting LLC. Mr. Barrett concentrates his work in the areas of complex litigation, financial services, securities litigation, and whistleblower or qui tam litigation related investigations and lawsuits. Mr. Barrett has been assisting in active litigation for more than fourteen years helping attorney colleague’s recognized as one of Florida’s top 100 trial lawyer firm’s and also helping to achieve Florida Super Lawyer status and has dedicated his career to championing individuals’ rights against the world’s largest companies.

Mr. Barrett has extensive experience investigating and performing analysis on companies with federal government contracts and grants that are subject for scrutiny for potential false claims, whistleblower allegations, antitrust, and securities fraud investigations. Levin Papantonio Rafferty attorneys primarily rely on Mr. Barrett and his team to provide economic, investigative, and legal analysis for a high volume of potential new FCA and Securities matters under evaluation. Mr. Barrett has built an expert team who work with legal counsel to fully investigate and assist in successful investigation and resolution of these matters by performing forensic accounting, fraud investigations, investigative interviews, reconstructing, and analyzing details of records. This work typically involves interviewing potential relators, and distilling large quantities of disorganized data and documents, and analyzing complex financial transactions from internal sources or under the False Claims Act.

Mr. Barrett has directed special investigations, fraud investigations, alleged False Claims investigations, qui tam/whistleblower relator investigations, and other litigation consulting assignments, assisting attorneys in the representation of whistleblowers and over 1,500 state, municipal, and institutional entities, as well as tribal sovereign nations, in litigation and arbitration around the globe. In addition, he has provided professional services support in the representation of more than 3,000 individual fraud victims in state and federal court and arbitrations. Most recently, in the National Prescription Opiate Litigation MDL.

Mr. Barrett is a past Qui Tam/Securities fraud panel member at Mass Tort Made Perfect.

Mr. Barrett received his Associate in Arts in Business Administration, from Pensacola State College and attended University of West Florida, College of Business.