Dr. Tonisha "Dr. Toni" Pinckney


Operational Risk Management, Fraud Examiner, Crime and Justice Expert and DEI Champion 

Dr. Tonisha M. Pinckney

Dr. Toni is a beacon in forensic accounting, financial litigation, and risk assessment, proudly holding a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice and Criminology among other accolades. Through her leadership roles, which include prestigious appointments by the Governor and Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, she fervently champions causes like gender equality, civil and criminal rights, and mental health parity.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Dr. Toni stands out as a steadfast advocate against workplace bias, discrimination, and bullying. Drawing from her personal experiences as an IPV and workplace discrimination survivor, she's committed to fostering healthy, respectful, and inclusive work environments. Her advisory roles, including those at George Washington University and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), further showcase her dedication to these causes on the community, regional, national, and global continuum.

A seasoned educator, Dr. Toni's influence spans esteemed institutions, meriting her awards such as the 2018 Outstanding Mentor of the Year (ACJS) and recognition for her Ethics and Oversight Board work (NACVA). Through Revelatus Consulting, her consultancy, she has delivered multi-million-dollar impacts across various sectors, emphasizing ethical and inclusive practices.

Away from the spotlight, Dr. Toni is a resilient survivor, mother, author of several books, and gamer. Her values of work ethic, excellence, integrity, and justice are evident in all she undertakes. Having strong roots in New Jersey, a significant chapter in Massachusetts, and now residing in the Charlotte, NC metro area, her journey is both diverse and inspiring. For those seeking guidance on creating bias-free workplaces, or in need of her wide-ranging expertise, Dr. Tonisha "Dr. Toni" Pinckney is the go-to professional.  Dr. Toni is available for consulting, coaching, conferences, mediation, training, retreats, and speaking engagements.