The Event

We invite you to join this revolution of protecting and supporting individuals who speak truth to power by participating in the Workplace Promise Institute conference.

Our 2021 Conference primary focus is on the core elements of the Workplace Promise. It was developed to encourage an ethical and safe workplace utilizing evidence-based thoughts, theories, and practices based on the World Health Organization (WHO) suicide prevention imperative and other publications and tool kits to include the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Concepts were vetted at WHO headquarters in Geneva at a meeting in 2016. In addition, the Workplace Promise supports JEDI's goals to close socioeconomic gaps within multiple industries and governments because prevention is the best protection. WPL is also the home of the Workplace Promise campaign that promotes annual signing ceremonies and ongoing activities to support a *Promise Culture.

WoA represents the missing piece of the puzzle that those in this truth-telling journey are searching for; beyond the courts, there must be resilience through action and advocacy.

Most employees are often experts in their field. They feel a professional, moral, and ethical obligation to tell the truth about their products and services regarding the public they serve in adherence with the trust these entities enact or enforce. Healthy organizations encourage whistleblowing, continuous process improvement, and a simple approach to right-doing. Competent leaders want employees who can speak freely and act in the best interest of customers, shareholders, taxpayers, and beneficiaries. They see whistleblowers as heroes who should not be afraid of reprisal or the degradation of their careers and their family's lives.

This conference will educate and support courageous truth-tellers and their organizations in right-doing.

Missed The Conference?

For only $20 gain access to over 8 hours of crucial conversations to the Whistleblower Movement! Click the conference itinerary link below to see details on the 27 speakers who attended.

Conference Itinerary

Host & Moderator

As the founder of Whistleblowers of America, Ms. Garrick is a policy and program expert with 30 years of service to the military/veteran community. She was a political appointee at the Pentagon for eight years, setting up personnel programs for Wounded Warriors and the Defense Suicide Prevention Office. She established a crisis hotline in Afghanistan and later investigated issues related to diversity and inclusion and NO FEAR Act violations.

While working for the Defense Department that Ms. Garrick blew the whistle on fraud, waste, and abuse and suffered retaliation. Before that, she worked for the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, Disability Assistance, and Memorial Affairs Subcommittee, drafting legislation to assist disabled veterans and their families. Jacqueline is a former Army social work officer. She has used her clinical knowledge to inform her advocacy and intervention work with The American Legion as the Deputy Director for Health Care and then with the Veterans" Disability Benefits Commission.

Ms. Garrick has several prestigious awards, including the Lincoln Award and a Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service. She has published books and several articles and has appeared worldwide as a health and resilience expert. She founded the FAR Group after 9/11 and continues to offer consulting services. Her MSW is from Temple University.

Featured Guest Speakers

Richard Condit

A partner at Mehri & Skalet, and co-chairs the firm's Whistleblower Rights Practice.

Jackie Speier

Congresswoman Jackie Speier is a fearless fighter for women’s equality, LGBTQ rights, and the disenfranchised. She has dedicated her life to eliminating government corruption while strengthening America’s national and economic security.

Heidi Weber

An ethical dual board-certified medical assistant practitioner then professor led to a landmark whistleblower case which closed the school’s doors and resulted in the university being ordered to repay several thousand students.

Todd A. Weiler

Before serving as the ASD-M&RA, Mr. Weiler accumulated over 20 years of human resources.

Rebecca Jones

Serves as Deputy Director of the House Office of the Whistleblower Ombuds.

Dr. Kimberly Young-McLear

Anti-Workplace Bullying Expert and Military Whistleblower.