Special Guest Speakers

Rebekah Jones

COVID-19 Whistleblower

Tyler Schulz

Theranos Whistleblower

Tanya Ward Jordan

President of The Coalition For Change, Inc.

Returning Speakers

Dr. David A Tenenbaum

Author of Accused of treason

Christian Greene

Clinical social worker & Whistleblower Protection Advocate

Sylvain Mansotte

Co-founder and CEO of Whispli.

Ted Blickwedel

Licensed clinical social worker, retired Lieutenant Colonel, & Whistleblower

Tom Devine

Government Accountability Project’s Legal Director

Partner at Mehri & Skalet PLLC

New Speakers

John Whitty

Deputy Ops Director at the Office of Whistleblower Ombuds.

Patrick Barrett

Securities and Qui Tam Litigation

Ezra Bronstein

Senior Associate at Mehri & Skalet

Paul Pearson

VP of Whistleblowers of America & CEO of Running Name LLC

Former Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). Author of: Behind the murder curtain

Joe Wade

Retired Navy Judge Advocate General (NJAG)

Honorable Todd Weiler

Former Assistant Secretary of Defense

Suicide Prevention Coordinator at the Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System

Irv Williams

Director Specialty Programs Lakeview Center Inc.

Mark D. Grissom

MPA, Private Investigator (PI)

Carolyn Grawi


Executive Director CIL of Northwest Florida (CILNWF)